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The intention of this library was to provide an unobtrusive way of handling tombstone persistence in WP7 apps, for this reason I've tried to keep it as simple as possible. The intention is to only persist what is needed by choosing and storing required view model properties.

All that should be required to use the library is to download the installer which contains a binary you can reference, or a full class library you can attach to your solution, then follow the check list on the home page

Known Types

One thing which may cause problems initially are complex objects used in View Models, the XmlSerializer used to serialize and store objects needs to be aware of all the user types it may come across (these are known types). When the TombstoneHelper is attached to the app using the AttachTombstoneHelper overloaded method, it is possible to pass in an array of assemblies which will be reflected and the required known types will be extracted, or an array of types can be passed in to manually set the known types.

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